Brand Recognition with Custom Packaging

Never before has the challenge to stand out in the crowded business world been more complex. The explosion in eCommerce and small business trends across a wide spectrum of industries like luxury items, fashion accessories, cosmetics, and trend-setting shoe lines, just to name a few, are forcing companies to step up their game in creating a memorable brand.

Make no mistake, it’s a noisy world, and your brand can’t afford to be left “out of sight, out of mind.”

With markets that are saturated with competitive, and often similar, products, brand recognition and attachment can be the great divider between companies that survive and those that fail. The brand itself is likely one of the most valuable assets the company has, and recognition is the key to customer loyalty and growth. To generate recognition, you need to help your customers recall the brand name from memory, and memory is reinforced by connection.

Consider branding with a viral mindset.

It’s about a unique experience. It’s about perception of value. It’s about nailing that critical first impression and going beyond. It’s about being instantly memorable for your target market.

For physical products to reach viral appeal, they have to be unique, distinctive but not outrageous, and possess design that resonates with quality. It needs to stand apart from the crowd to be remembered, and deliver value.

Memorable design + value = recognition.

But being memorable and resonating with value isn’t always enough. To create a real, personal connection, it helps to tap into the power of ego; to touch your customers at their core and make an emotional connection. Make them feel, somehow more special, elevated above the crowd, and they will become loyal brand ambassadors.

That emotional connection begins with the first touch.

You only get one shot at making a first impression.

Think of packaging as a means of Communication. It’s your first physical touch point with every single customer, and the unboxing experience should deliver a lasting message.

The unboxing is a moment that you need to control, to insure your customers receive something unique, beautiful, useful, and matching your brand identity. It should be as unforgettable as the product itself.

Custom Packaging can create a unique experience that resonates with awareness of your company’s image, and will live on as the most physically visible platform of marketing materials your company will ever produce. They are seldom thrown away like a nondescript box, and may circulate in the world and be displayed like a brand advertisement for years to come.

The right custom packaging will tell a larger story about your company, and lay the foundation for a lasting connection with your customer.

The Rewrap Pack Solution

At Rewrap Pack, our job is to exceed all of your expectations.

We make extraordinary custom packaging available and cost-efficient for businesses of all sizes and across all industries. We’ve done it by being leaders in innovation, breaking all the old school box-making rules, and collaborating with some of the most creative designers in the world.

We can provide any size, dimension, or unique design, with greater multiples of branding real estate. And, all done with a focus on reduced waste and sustainability because we care about the future.

With stylish and highly innovative packaging, we can eliminate the need for additional instruction inserts by printing product details directly on the box, or deliver a secret customer-only reveal, in space that only becomes visible after opening.

If you need to make that lasting brand impression with personalized packaging, give us a call at Rewrap Pack.


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